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Maritza paste

Maritza is a product for cleaning
greasy hands and surfaces.

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Our Mission

We produce the cleaning paste Maritza that has been applied with great results for cleaning greasy hands, spots and pollutions in manufacturing, households and sanitary places.


Maritza is a mixture of synthetic, active-surface substances, softener, organic and non-organic additions and essences. It contains soft abrasive that does not harm the manipulated surface.

Safety data sheet


The paste is spreaded on a slightly damp surface, and is rubbed down with hands or soft sponge until the dirt is washed away. If you need to treat very greasy spots like oiled baking dish or terracotta, it is recommended that you leave the paste spreaded on for a while before washing away.


We offer Maritza in packages of 0.5, 1, 4, 6 and 20 kilograms.